SUV - 7 Seater

Passengers : 7
Transmission : Automatic
From: $81 / Day

$81.00 / Day


When you are going out with the family, don’t you wish you could have enough space to take your friends with you? Well, now you can! The SUV 7 seater gives you the ability to do both. Hey! Maybe even your family is very big and you need space to fit in 7 people in the car. 5 kids along with mom and dad? Well, this helps you do everything.

When you go out and want to enjoy the place you picked and it’s just a way to get there, so why not just go out and enjoy the ride. The main benefits of using a SUV is that it is a high vehicle, which means it is not low to the road, also means you can see the road better.

You can rent this SUV 7 seater from Lion car rentals easily as a short term rental or even long term rental. The choice is really yours!

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