Rent to Buy a vehicle

The best and easiest way to become the owner of a car of your choice

How it works.

Simply rent one of our vehicles for the specified period and at the end of that period you will have the option to own it. If you are not satisfied with the car you are free to return at any time and terminate the contract. Have peace of mind knowing we completely look after the Registration, Insurance, Replacement of tires and battery as and when necessary, 24×7 Roadside assistance, Servicing, Maintenance, and repairing when required during the rental period.

How can you become eligible?

1. Present a copy of the ABN (We can help to obtain ABN No. if not readily available), and a document to prove the present address other than driving license, such as electricity bill or bank statement.

2. Pay the initial bond (equivalent to three weeks rental)

3. Minimum of one week rental in advance, and

4. Agree to abide by the terms and conditions of rental agreement.

Advantages you get.

  • Can become the owner of the vehicle at the end of the term; 
  • Have peace in mind during the rental period since we completely look after the vehicle;
    • Registration,
    • Insurance,
    • Replacement of tyres and battery as and when necessary,
    • Roadside assistance through RACV, and
    • Servicing, maintaining, and repairing when necessary.
  • Your payments could be tax deductible (fully or partly) as the case may be;
  • You will have a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown;
  • Deal with the insurance company in case of an accident;
  • You become entitled to request to transfer the vehicle after continuous renting for a period not less than 104 weeks in terms of the rental agreement. However, renter is expected to bear the expenses of: 
    • Obtaining the RWC;
    • Paying Stamp duty and transfer fees;
    • Any excess Registration fees paid already; and
    • All other costs incurred after transferring the vehicle.


Yes if you have no outstanding arrears to pay. However, it will be a new contract and the rental fee may vary depending on the vehicle subsequently rented. Bond of previous contract is not transferable.

  1. Inform us as soon as possible.
  2. Inform police of the area of accident and take other necessary action as required by the government or council regulations.
  3. Pay the insurance excess and we will get your car back on the road.
  4. Obtain a replacement vehicle to use until the damaged vehicle is repaired.
  1. Two services (one service/10,000 km, estimated usage is 20,000km/year) in an year (365 days)
  2. One set replacement tyres (20,000km) in an year (365 days)

Cost of the additional services should be paid by the customer.

  1. This program is completely different from financing or leasing due to following reasons:
    • We completely look after the vehicle (registration, insurance, maintenance, repairing, replacement of tyres and batter, and regular servicing) whereas all those costs should be borne by you.
    • Under financing and leasing the price is determined, add an interest and recover though regular installments; under this program, there is no interest calculation and total potential cost cannot be accurately estimated at the time of renting.
    • When a vehicle is purchased under a leasing or financing agreement, usually vehicle cannot be returned or changed before completion of the agreed period.
    • Leasing or financing companies do not get involved and deal with insurer in case of an accident.

Having a bad credit history may not be a reason to prevent you for participating in this program.

There is no exit or early termination fee in case if you decide to terminate the contract. But bond may be forfeited.

We are ready to make a reasonable lump sum payment instead of transferring the vehicle if you wish so.

If you wish to upgrade the vehicle you can trade and buy another vehicle or enter into a new rental agreement.

If you are interested to participate in this program and rent a vehicle to own, we can assist you to obtain an ABN number quickly and make you eligible.