The best way of renting

Are you looking for a car for ridesharing (Uber, Ola, Didi etc.)? Here, we have the best package which will cater your need. Simply rent the vehicle for the specified period and in the end, you will have the option to own the vehicle. So, why just rent when you can own it? Now it is time to start investing it with us.

What's included?

  • Own the vehicle at the end of the term;
  • Have peace in mind during the rental period since we completely look after the vehicle.
    • Registration,
    • Replacement of tyres and battery as and when necessary,
    • Roadside assistance through RACV, and
    • Servicing, maintaining, and repairing when necessary.
  • Unlimited mileage allowance.
  • Your payments could be tax deductible (fully or partly) as the case may be;
  • You will have a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown;
  • Deal with the insurance company in case of an accident;
  • You become entitled to request to transfer the vehicle after continuous renting for a period not less than 104 weeks in terms of the rental agreement.

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You need to,

  • Present a copy of the ABN (We can help to obtain ABN No. if not readily available), and document to prove the present address other than driving license, such as any utility bill or bank statement.
  • Pay the initial bond (equivalent to three weeks rental)
  • Minimum of one-week rental in advance, and Agree to abide by the terms and conditions of rental agreement.
  • Organize insurance throughout the period as required.
  • Need to get registered for the relevant authorities as required (We could do it for an extra cost).
  • Renter is expected to bear the expenses of:
    • Obtaining the RWC;
    • Paying Stamp duty and transfer fees;
    • Any excess Registration fees paid already; and
    • All other costs incurred after transferring the vehicle.