Standard Plus

Passengers : 5
Transmission : Automatic
From: $55 / Day

$55.00 / Day


Going someplace fancy? Are you taking your spouse out for dinner? A reunion, perhaps? We offer this versatile and elegant looking car that can suit your special occasion.

Because we understand that going out to dinner with friends or even to impress your spouse is important to you. That’s why we are happy to rent that can beautiful economy premium cars to our clients.

These cars can carry up to 5 passengers so if anyone needs a lift from the party, you can always drop them home. It is also versatile and can do twice the work for you, whether you want to be taking it to work, spend some time with the family or go out with friends, you can enjoy and relax and have good fun with them.

You can drive our economy premium cars with your ordinary car licence and enjoy the fun! There are a number of different things you can do with your friends too.

Whether you have a small crowd or a bigger crowd you can also choose some SUV 7 seater or a minivan 8 seater of your choice. However, if you like to travel, we can give you the best rentals for your everyday needs.

Tips on how to dress up for a party:

  • Choose the clothes the night before
  • Iron all the clothes you are about to wear
  • Groom yourself, wash, comb and put some perfume for that party feeling
  • Play some music while getting ready and pump yourself up!
  • Always drive safely.


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