Mini Bus - 8 Seater

Passengers : 8
Transmission : Automatic
From: $96 / Day

$96.00 / Day


We know how cumbersome space can be when you are taking your students on a field trip and that is why we have the easy to use minibus 8 seater just the right amount for your class. When you are a teacher of a small group of students you may want to have comfort as one of the main goals.

Children tend to get sick on a long bus ride and that’s why we know that having a comfortable yet friendly budget is very helpful to you. A lot of the students might even enjoy it with their friends as long as they have enough space and entertainment.

Children can sometimes be a worry, especially when you travel, because if they are young kids they may get cranky. Because of that, you need to travel to someplace close by without the children getting bored.

Activities you can do on a bus:

  • Sing songs with your class/group
  • Play a bus game
  • Pass around the snacks
  • Dance in a bus


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