Mini Bus - 12 Seater

Passengers : 12
Transmission : Automatic
From: $120 / Day

$120.00 / Day


We understand how hard it can be for all of us to find money to afford a minibus 12 seater. We mean, there’s no real reason why a person would want to buy a minibus 12 seater and use it for nothing, except trips, that is why when you need a minibus for rent. We have it exactly where you want it.

We know that a minibus for a 12 seater can be a bit much for daily use unless you’re travelling with a whole bunch of family members or using it as a school transport bus. So, that’s why we give you the chance to rent out the minibus 12 seater where you can sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.

These 12 seats offer the best comfort there is and what’s better is there is enough of legroom where everyone can have the freedom to move their legs and keep their bags.

That’s why there are two options for our car fleet rentals. The minibus 8 seater too gives a good enough legroom where children and parents can both relax and enjoy the ride without complaining. Now you can rent it at an affordable price and also drive it with your own car license.

Tips for saving extra space:

  • When you pack, use a big suitcase so that there’s enough of room
  • Use section zippers for your suitcase
  • Carry only the clothes you need
  • Fold or roll clothes to make space in the suitcase, that way you need only carry 1 big luggage


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