Economy Premium

Passengers : 5
Transmission : Automatic
From: $36 / Day

$36.00 / Day


At Lion car rentals we understand the need to spend time with your family and there’s no better way than taking your family out on a ride and treating them out to lunch. But, oftentimes, when you want to take the whole family out you, may not be able to fit in the whole family inside a cab

That’s why a lot of the families like to short term rent family-sized cars which can help you with all your needs. So, whether your kids want to go to the water park or the spouse wants to go shopping, you can fit them all in one car.

Standard plus cars like Kia Cerato can fit 5 passengers and is the best option for your family. As standard plus cars are excellent for family events. Even when you are going to family gatherings it’s a good car for all your family needs.

The Kia Cerato is comfortable, affordable and versatile which is very good with your pocket and you can drive it using your own car licence. The interior design of the car is stylish and sleek yet family-friendly.

Tips on how to enjoy time with your family:

  • You can spend by playing with your kids
  • Keeping your phone aside and focus on family
  • Take them out on weekend dates
  • Talk about their week and school


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