Passengers : 4
Transmission : Automatic
From: $28 / Day

$28.00 / Day


We understand your need for a car when you are a family of four. Whether you are going to visit friends in a different city or just to the park or just travelling on a road trip.

We know that being able to sit comfortably and travel around is very important, especially if you have children. Also, the safety of your children come first. That is why the economy cars will help you serve all your daily needs.

Now mothers and fathers can add a car seat when necessary and carrying toddlers while driving can help distract the driver less, additionally, we have seatbelts for children of all ages, which will help you protect your little munchkin!

Now you can just leave all your worries aside and rent out economy cars from Lion car rentals with an affordable and convenient plan for you.

For small families the economy cars are an amazing ride, but if you have a larger family with five children you can always upgrade to a bigger economy plus. We turn no family down!

Tips for travelling with small children:

  • Pack enough of snacks and food
  • Carry diaper bags with toys they would like
  • Have a favourite tune playing in the background
  • Mommy always make sure to turn and check in on baby
  • Play a game with the children to keep them occupied


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