Single Cab UTE

Passengers : 2
Transmission : Automatic
From: $57 / Day

$57.00 / Day


Are you moving heavy furniture? Do you need a smaller vehicle to move it? Well then, the perfect vehicle for you is the Single cab Ute, which will give you excellent help with all those transport needs. You can use a Single cab Ute to help with moving furniture.

Now you can always move your equipment to the back of this single cab Ute which will give you enough space to stretch your legs and drive around the city as well. Utes are perfect for equipment and furniture moving because it is a high vehicle which can help you with your business needs.

At Lion car rentals we provide a large range of commercial vehicles to suit every need, whether it is used to relocate or just travel in style. All you have to do is rent it from us either short term or long term. We are here at your service!

With all the comfort you get the latest model vehicles can make your life easier when moving things such as heavy appliances, cargo, furniture and much more.

Tips on how to use a Single cab Ute:

  • Because a Ute has ample space, you can carry bigger cargo or bags you need.
  • Pack your items carefully
  • Use bubble wrap, cling wrap or rigifoam


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