Double Cab UTE

Passengers : 5
Transmission : Automatic
From: $70 / Day

$70.00 / Day


Are you transporting a table or cupboard? Do you need a lot of space? Well then if not? This is the best vehicle for you. A double cab Ute can carry four passengers with ample open space enough for your furniture that can help you to travel a short distance. This works for everyone who needs to transport maybe one of two pieces of large furniture.

We understand how hard it can be for everyone who wants to move a piece of furniture from one place to the other and that’s why we at Lion car rentals have everything covered. We offer a flexible and versatile plan which can work perfectly for you.

Double cab Ute is ideal for transporting small pieces of furniture so call us on 9303 7447 or book your vehicle online now.

Tips on how to use a Double cab Ute:

  • Always carry a strong rope
  • Tie the furniture together, so that it doesn’t fall
  • Drive carefully
  • A person must keep a lookout at your goods
  • Use a covering for smaller goods


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