Delivery Van - 1 Tonne

Passengers : 2
Load: Upto 1000kg
Transmission : Automatic
From: $67 / Day

$67.00 / Day


Are you running a small business? Don’t have a vehicle to transport goods? The delivery van economy plus can help you with all your deliveries up to 1 tonne. Running a small business on a budget can be hard and that’s why it is very important to find easy and affordable ways to help your business grow.

When you need to deliver items to your customers on time – it usually affects your customer’s reviews which in turn really help you to grow your business. So, here at Lion car rental we understand the need of vehicles to transport.

If you want to do your deliveries, we can offer three different models of delivery vans in different sizes. If you have bigger items, you need to transport you can choose a delivery van full size and the standard models are readily available for you to rent.

Whether it is long term or short term, we can offer you good deals and rates for our services. So, don’t worry about trying to deliver your goods. You can rely on us for your vehicle needs.

Tips on how to deliver your goods:

  • For grocery items like processed meat, have a mini fridge inside the van
  • Pack the items and label them appropriately according to the client
  • Ensure that you don’t damage the packaging


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